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Wanna be on the front page of iTunes?

The ONLY way to be on the front page of iTunes is to have a "Mastered for iTunes"—MFiT—certified recording. iTunes has very specific requirements and exacting technical details. We here at Beethovenboy Productions offer MFiT services for ANY project at a low cost to you!

Mastered for iTunes
Mastered for iTunes standards are also more stringent than CD "Redbook" standards (see our article here). Because of this if you plan on releasing via iTunes you should ensure that your recording is of the highest quality, plus you get a nice little badge to go along with it showing that you're certified Mastered for iTunes!


$60 - per track, 5 minutes length or less
$250 - per full length LP master, 74 minutes or less

All rates In Addition to digital mastering rates. Bulk rates & discounts available for large projects, please call/e-mail me to discuss your particular needs.