Music is Life

$30 a Track Promo!

Get a professional sound without paying professional prices!

Wanna hear how your song or track sounds professionally but don’t have lots of money? I’m running a promotional offer right now, I will record your vocals OR instrument and mix and master each track for $30. Yup, just $30!

What’s the catch you say? Here are the terms of the offer: Must bring your own music backing tracks (if you're a singer). For instrumentalists we have a Yamaha C2 grand piano, electric guitars and amps, and acoustic guitars available. Each offer valid for either a vocal or instrumental recording session a maximum of one hour long. Tracks will be mixed, mastered, and delivered by email in mp3 format. This offer is perfect for singer/songewriters, hip-hop artists, or instrumentalists who want to see how their music sounds professionally without paying professional prices Happy
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