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Everything Production


I’m super stoked to partner with Castle Row Studios to offer fantastic recording spaces that cater for needs ranging from simple vocal over-dubs to large multi-instrumental tracking.
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Please feel free to call/text/e-mail me for your particular needs.

Mixing & Mastering

Get your music mixed and mastered to professional standards. I also offer "Mastered for iTunes" as well.


Are you a songwriter that needs music? A film-maker that needs a score? A videographer who needs source music? Or maybe you need a producer to put your project together?

I’ve produced completely original material for a wide variety of clients including orchestral productions, pop albums, film scores, hip-hop artists, and university research. Call or e-mail me to set up an appointment to discuss your needs.
The following tracks were recorded, mixed, and mastered here at Beethovenboy Productions. I’ve included the unmixed versions so that you can hear the sonic improvement and magic I do!

Orchestration, Scoring, Notation & Arranging

Need written music notation? I prepare professional scores for everything from solo instrument to full 120-piece orchestras, from lead sheets to orchestral scores complete with parts. Extreme attention to detail is taken with every piece to ensure clarity in reading and interpreting the music.
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