Music Fundamentals

Currently I am only accepting students at School of Rock Temecula where I serve as Music Director. Please call our Studio Coordinator at 951.693.2000 to schedule a Free Trial! Below are a few things I teach there:
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The foundation of it all! Learn the basics of musical language and theory culling examples from a wide variety of styles. I believe that even if you're not an instrumentalist per sé (i.e. DJ, producer, engineer) you should have at least a basic working knowledge of the underpinnings of musical theory and some practical skill on an instrument.

Because current technology has made it incredibly easy to participate in music many students take short-cuts and fall short of understanding why music works the way it does, this often leads to frustration and stagnation at some point. I believe that by going deeper you can unlock your true potential and find the voice that is uniquely yours.

What You'll Need


What You'll Learn:
  1. Basic Scales and Intervals
  2. Basic Rhythm & Meter
  3. Diatonic & Triadic Harmony
  4. Harmonic Progressions & Voice Leading
  5. Extended Harmony & Modes
  6. Non-Traditional Harmony
  7. Advanced Rhythm & Metric Schemes
  8. To Infinity and Beyond!